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October 2014
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About Us

Kids In Sports was founded in 1999 by Michael Strutt & Kenny Colon and has thrived in many communities ever since. After many years of teaching all Kids in Sports classes, Mike and Kenny now handle all day to day operations of Kids in Sports. Over the years Kids in Sports has taught classes all over the NorthEast, we look forward to expanding our program in the future to many more neighborhoods! We offer Sports Classes, Summer Camps and Birthday Parties throughout the year and have various locations in New York City, Greenwich Ct. on Long Island and in the Washington D.C. Maryland area.

What is Kids In Sports?

Kids In Sports is a specialized sports program for children ages 12 months - 12 years old. We teach the fundamentals of Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Volleyball through our Multi-Sport or Sport Specific Classes.

Our Philosophy

Kids in Sports classes are designed to offer a unified learning experience which engages the child's mind as well as their bodies. Inactivity - which often leads to high obesity rates - is a problem today for many of our youth. Sports are a wonderful and valuable outlet for a child's energy. We at Kids in Sports promote the idea that athletics, when taught correctly, can aid a child's development in a myriad of ways. Watching children display their pride when a skill is learned or seeing the glee which comes from playing provides proof that sports can greatly enhance the childhood experience. A belief we hold dear at Kids in Sports is that sportsmanship and competition are not mutually exclusive. The first tenet we teach at Kids in Sports is that sportsmanship comes first. Once a class has a grasp on the values of sportsmanship, a more competitive environment is gradually taught. Competition, in a controlled, friendly and inclusive setting is a healthy aspect of athletics. We also believe in the philosophy of introducing all sports to children of young ages. Why learn just one sport? We believe in giving children a foundation in all traditional sports that will benefit them for life. Whether it is a 3 year old starting out, learning basic skills or a fourth grader wanting to gain an edge in the increasingly competitive athletic arena, Kids in Sports provides the environment for children to succeed. Kids in Sports always provides a low coach to child ratio, usually 1 coach for every 5 children ensures your child will get the personal coaching they deserve.

Our Mission Statement

Kids in Sports is a program designed to teach children the basic fundamentals of sports in a safe, fun, friendly and supportive environment. Through the emphasis of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and communication, our program serves as a building block for young athletes.