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Have A Birthday Coming Up?


Kids In Sports offers parties for children of all ages. We will design a party to suit your child's sports interests and abilities.

We provide a fun and memorable experience for all.

A standard Kids In Sports Birthday Party lasts 1.5 hours. The first hour is made up of sports activities tailored to your child's interests. The remaining half hour is designated for food and cake. 

Note: Kids in Sports does NOT provide Food, Decorations, or Paper Goods. 

Kids In Sports employs coaches that are highly motivated, talented, and experienced in sports instruction. During parties our coaches offer sports instruction like no other. They focus on the birthday child and their friends, facilitating a memorable hour of sports fun, relay races, and cooperative games. They then provide organized food service/distribution during the food and cake portion of the birthday party. 

Parents are advised to choose 1-2 sports they would like to have the party centered around. Choose from:



The price of your party is dependent on a combination of the size party you will be having, and the location you will be having it at.

Kids In Sports Costs:

$800.00 20 Children 3 Coaches Provided
$900.00 21-25 Children 4 Coaches Provided
$1000.00 26-30 Children 5 Coaches Provided
$1100.00 31-35 Children 6 Coaches Provided
$1200.00 36-40 Children 7 Coaches Provided

Location Costs:

Rental Fees vary based on location. They begin at $250.00 and increase based on a location's pricing system.

Please contact our Event Coordinator to inquire about current pricing of the Kids In Sports Party Locations:

74th Street and Second Avenue (1420 Second Avenue)

Temple Israel (112 E. 75th Street)

All Souls Church (1157 Lexington Avenue)

St. Davids Gym (215 E 94th Street)

Parents may choose to hold parties at other indoor or outdoor locations. However, it is the family's responsibility to reserve/pay for the indoor space, as well as obtain a permit for outdoor locations. 

Party Favors: 

Medals: $7.50 Generic; $10.00 Personalized (2 weeks notice required)

T-Shirts: $10.00 Generic; $20 Personalized (3 weeks notice required)

Blow Up Balls: $5.00 each (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Beach Ball)

Water Bottles: $5.00 each

Balloons: $25.00/dozen 


The Kids In Sports Event Coordinator will check with desired locations for available dates and times. To reserve a location a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid via credit card. At this point, Kids In Sports considers the party booked and will begin to staff it. Parties that do not have a deposit processed are vulnerable to having their date and location taken. Final balances must be paid the first business day following the party. 


Important Information To Consider:

  • Parents may arrive 30 minutes prior to the birthday to set-up with coaches. 
  • Kids In Sports does not accept responsibility for anything brought to party location before the 30 minutes prior to the start. 
  • Outdoor parties must have a rain date scheduled.
  • If a party is in progress and inclement weather causes guests to leave, and the party to finish, we do not reschedule and full party cost will be charged. 
  • Parents may request certain coaches to work the birthday party, although no guarantees are made.
  • Parties MUST be cancelled 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time.
  • If the party goes over the allotted time or there are more children than the confirmed amount additional charges will apply.



To reserve your date/time, please use our online inquiry form.

If your party has already been confirmed, please visit your account page to make a payment online.